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Hi. i'm -A Fat Activist  & Speaker from Portland-now living in London, UK!

Queer Melancholia

Yesterday I had a conversation on Facebook that deeply infuriated me. Admittedly, as an activist, I have a tendency towards being infuriated. This conversation, though, made me as angry as I have been in a very long time. As some … >> Read More

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Sketchnoting Foucault and Judith Butler

I thought I’d try my hand at this ‘sketchnote’ thing and see what happened. Aside from Foucault’s wonky face and the fact that the guy from the Milgram experiment looks a bit like Buffalo Bill, I think it turned out … >> Read More

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Fat Girl as Ballerina

Just a passing thought I wanted to place somewhere rather than a well thought-out blog post: Spatially – I am aware of my body as I move through the world, as I navigate a larger-than-it-was-designed-for body through a never-ending obstacle … >> Read More

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